Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Party

Saturday was the day we had Lauren's birthday party. I sent out invitations at the beginning of the month. When hosting parties for Lauren, I've been more interested in doing a color theme versus a character theme - this may change as Lauren gets older and can voice her opinion. Until then, color themes it is... Last year's color theme was pink, green, and yellow. This year I went with chocolate brown and pink polka dots. Being the OCD person that I am, everything coordinated from the invites, to Lauren's dress to the decorations to the cake. As you can see in our family picture, Joe even got into the party spirit by wearing pink to my brown.

I found some brown and pink polka dot material at Hobby Lobby and used it so spruce up my tablescape.

I made the chocolate cake with homemade icing and the cupcakes the night before.

As mentioned in a the previous post, Lauren loved her birthday balloons and carried them around all day.
Here she is patiently waiting for us to sing happy birthday.

When we were done singing I told her to blow out the candle. Lauren kept saying "Momma blow out." We tried to blow it out together.

Usually Lauren is all about the sweets but on this day she only ate a little.

The following are some candid shots from the party (compliments to my photographer, Aunt B).

This is Lexi, Lauren's BFF from daycare. These two little girls play so well together.

I debated about what activities to do with the kids. Being 2 years old, organized games are pretty much out of the question. We let the kids play with Lauren's toy's in the family room and that was fine. The hit of the afternoon was this old canister of Mardi Gras beads my mom gave Lauren a few months ago. Every kid (boy and girl) was wearing them around the house. As the kids left, each child got to pick a balloon to take home with them (pink or brown of course). Overall, the party was a success and I look forward to birthday number 3 - as long as it doesn't come too soon.


Gaylin said...

freeze me one of those cupcakes and I will have one of those at christmas time. Happy birthday Lauren. Love, Grandpa

Gaylin said...

Wow! I guess Lauren's mom knows how to throw a party! What a fun time and everyone looked so happy!
Happy Birthday, Lauren!


lizzy-loo said...

looks like a good time! you did good girl.

Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lauren!
Jim, Amy, Peighton, Tyler & Adalyn Wood

Jerry and Lindy said...

I meant to tell you how much fun we had at the party. I have NEVER in my life seen a balloon last as long as the one you gave Seth to take home. I think it stayed afloat for 6 straight days!!!! Glad you found our blog. We definitely need to get together more often!